Shark Fishing 101

Many hunters and fishers enjoy the challenge of searching and fishing for big game. Shark fishing is the largest fishing sport in the world. Avid fishermen enjoy the fight of getting the big one onto the boat. Sharks are caught for various reasons, and one of those reasons if to cook and serve them. Very few people like the taste of shark meat. The skin has a rough texture, buy the meat also leaves a lot to be desired. The meat is not a popular delicacy because of the fact that sharks urinate through the skin, and this gives the meat an ammonia flavor and smell. The sport of big game fishing is a win win situation especially off the shores of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Some of the bigger sharks like the Hammerhead, the Thresher sharks, or any of the other large prehistoric giants swim the waters of the Southeast coast of the United States in search of food, or to mate with other sharks. During shark season, between March and August, fishermen use live bait to catch the predators. This included live big silver mullet, and blue runners. The fishing equipment consists of forged hooks that have to be razor sharp, and 400 pound heavy duty test that will allow the angle to hang on suspenseful when the big game puts up a big battle. When these fish are hooked with a big and shiny serrated 11/0, they become the toughest fighters that Fort Lauderdale offers.

One aspect of shark fishing that can be considered cruel is called shark finning. This is when the shark’s fins are cut off, and the shark released back into the water while they are still alive, where it sinks to the bottom and dies from suffocation. Shark fins carry a large monetary value, and is usually the premise for fishing for the predator. The sport of shark finning increased during the latter part of the 20th century due to the increase in demand for the fins for food and traditional cures especially in China. Fishing for sharks in the United States is very popular in all three large bodies of water, the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, and the Gulf of Mexico.

Sharks will swim for long distances to the waters of Fort Lauderdale. Big game fishermen will also travel the distance to where they can have the best opportunity for a big catch. One of the main reasons fishermen enjoy this sport is the struggle to be victorious over the predator. The fight is where the tall tales are derived. Sports fishermen who go out to land the big one typically takes a few days out on the shores, or in the deep waters in order to call the fishing trip successful. This big game hunt can also be extremely dangerous as sharks are so strong, and able to pull the person at the other end of the line into the water if their fishing gear is not up to par.